Hull City AFCorigins and early history


Thurs., 1st. Sept., 1904. Photo by R.T. Watson.
Front Row—Andrew Raisbeck, H. Wilkinson 

Second Row—The late Dr. G W. Lilley, J.P. (Vice-Chairman), F. Wolfe, G. Rushton, G. Spence, P. Howe — McKiernon, Mr B. Crompton (Secretary).

Third Row—W. Leach (Trainer) — Leiper, J. Whitehouse, T. Jones, F. Martin, E. Rogerson (Mayor’s Beadle).
Back Row— Mr. B. S. Frost, Mr. E. Morison, Mr. A. E. Spring, Mr. F.A. Levitt, Mr J. H. Bielby, The late Mr. J. Ramster, The late Alderman W. Jarman, J.P. (Mayor), The late Mr. W. Gillyott (Chairman), Mr. J. Barraclough, Mr. M. Andrews.

The early history of Hull City AFC

Hull City AFC was founded on 28 June 1904 but the story of how this came about is a long and complex one. The bustling Yorkshire port city of Hull had long hankered after a crowd-pulling football team that would represent it on the national sporting stage. The men, the teams, and the personalities who were determined to achieve this aim are profiled, as well as the local sporting environment in which they operated.

This website highlights football events in Hull around the early part of the last century and attempts to construct an accurate and balanced history of those times.


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